Bag filter 1 5 25 micron µm sewn - HVB, oil, bio-diesel D18L40cm


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Polypropylene bag filter for all liquids - excellent quality filter, washable and reusable. Highly resistant filters to the weight of content. Diameter 18cm – length 40cm –sewn. Available either 1 or 5 or 25 microns - And also 50 or 100 or 200 microns.

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  • Polypropylene Bag filter for all liquids.

    Particularly suitable for the filtration of "biodiesel", vegetable oil, gasoline, acid...

    Excellent quality filter, washable and reusable. Highly resistant filter o the weight of content

    For the use of viscous fuel, it needs a filtration of at least 5 microns and preferably 1 micron at the end- it is essential to keep your injection pump in good condition, to limit the stores in your tank








    Frying oil

    200 to 100

    50 to 25

    5 to 1 microns

    1 (summer) 5 (winter)


    100 to 50

    50 to 25

    1 micron


    Algae in the pool

    50 to  25

    50 to 25

    1 micron



    A 50 micron filtration is a good intermediate filtration: [1) material - 2) 200to25µm - 3) 5to1µm]

    Do not forget that it is better to filter by gravity at room temperature, preferably at 18 ° C. If you heat your viscous fuel before filter, you may find some stores as soon as the temperature decreases.



    Grade of filtration

    1 or 5 or 25 micron


    40 cm

    Diameter of the opening

    18 cm

    Handle height

    11cm from the orifice

    Maximum temperature


    Grade of filtration also available: 1 or 5 or 25 microns.


    > Precision: 1 micron filter thinner than 200 microns (This is the diameter of the pores)

    Thinner filtered (the thinnest = 1µm), less impurities pass, and the filtration time lengthens.

    Use of filtration:

    Efficience of the filtrationMineral AcidOrganic AcideAlkaliOxidizing acides Vegetable Oil - FuelOrganic solvent Microorganism Critical temperature
    Viscose RayonGoodGoodGoodGoodExcellentExcellentExcellent135°C

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