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Heat Exchanger 30 Plates LDR / HVB stainless steel plates 2 parallel inputs + 2 parallel outputs (2x10mm + 2x16mm) (each circuit has its input and output – Soldered and sealed tip: 2x 16mm (Liquid) 2x 10mm (diesel or oil)

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  • Liquid heat exchanger (cooling) / Liquid (diesel or oil) for stainless steel plates (excellent resistance to corrosion) brazed copper (very good seal)

    Fuels with high viscosity index:

    This heat exchanger has a very good performance, it can transfer the heat from the cooling liquid to the viscous fuel, by reaching a temperature close to 70 ° C, and it behaves like diesel.

    Extreme Conditions:

    During the winter periods, at negative temperatures (-5 ° C to -30 ° C), your fuel becomes very liquid with this heater plate, you will consume less fuel, the performance of the engine approaches to the more clement temperature periods.

    ModèleMod B3-012-30-1OH
    Pression de service3 MPa=30bars
    Press max circuit refroidisst1,3 bars
    Press max circuit carburant1,5 à 1,7 bars
    Plage de température-196 à +200°C
    Surface d'échange thermique0,392 M2
    Poids1860 g
    Dimensionslarg 70mm Lg 185mm Haut 75mm
    Tétines (haut de 25mm)Carb 10mm - LDR 16mm


    2 parallel inputs + 2 parallel outputs (2x10mm + 2x16mm) (each circuit has its input and output at the same side of the heat exchanger, viewed in the direction of the length)

    service pressure: 3 MPs=30bars (for a maximum pressure in the cooling circuit from 1.3 bar, and 1.5 to 1.7 in the fuel system if booster pump, )

    soldered and sealed tips : 2x 16mm (Liquid) 2x 10mm (diesel oil)

    Practical Use:

    • Bi-carburization installation (authorized in Belgium or Germany) or Diester, greatly improves the fluidity of the viscous fuel without consuming electricity.

    • Cooling the fuel in the marine environment to prevent the development of certain bacteria.

    • Poly combustible stove

    • Heating floor, heat pump.

    Operation principle:

     Heat transfer through the liquid stainless steel plates /   Liquid: The two fluids circulate in opposite direction in the heat exchanger and the heat of the one can heat the other one. Heat transfer is optimal thanks to this improved stainless steel alloy.

    The offer includes:

    - Heat exchanger 30 plates
    - screws, mounting bolts into the bodywork

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