Complete kit Diesel Tubular Heaters HVB 12v 150w


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Complete kit Diesel Tubular Heaters HVB 12v 150w

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  • Complete kit Diesel Tubular Heaters HVB 12v 150w


    Brand / Model: STANADYNE A15 

    Voltage / Power: 12v 150w 

    Flow: up to 17 L /Hour 

    Length / Diameter: 175mm / 23mm


    Its interest:

    - In winter, during cold temperatures, the heater liquefies the diesel, it burns better and the motor performance returns to normal more quickly.

    - In all seasons and for all diesel vehicles, you will avoid the loss of the charge and allow the engine to be powered normally in all circumstances.

    - You can avoid clogging your fuel filter, and reduce the frequency of change.

    - In winter, the diesel engine consumes up to 10% more. With this heater, you will consume like summer.

    - Your starting becomes easier.

    - You will reduce the engine wear during cold starts, with an electric preheater, the diesel will reach the proper operating temperature faster

    Only the benefits:

    - Low Temperature

    - Improved motor performance

    - Easy Start

    - Reduced consumption

    - Filter does not clog

    - Built-in thermostat

    The kit contains:

    - 12v 150w heater

    - 5 meters of cable

    - 12v relay

    - Fuse

    - Clear instructions

    Tutorial of the heater installation - with Photos (click)

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