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Robinet de pied - chrome et cuivre 1/2"



Robinet de pied - chrome et cuivre 1/2"

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    Robinet de pied - chrome et cuivre 1/2"

    Foot-valve faucet is composed of a main and an auxiliary valve and hydraulic tubes. Specifically it refers to a controlled opening and closing by its own pipeline pressure foot hydraulic control valve. Its main purpose is to overcome existing mechanical valve to the water, the need to touch the operation easily understood cause infectious diseases, as well as induction valve structure complicated, electrical safety hazards, waste energy shortcomings.
    Foot faucet Features Editor
    Prevent cross-infection
    Water and off the water by a foot switch and a control valve is complete without touching any part of the hand, effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection. Water saving: the use of foot pedals, automatic water control valves, open after use, the water automatically shut down, so more to save water resources.
    long lasting
    By real state authorities, hydraulic foot valve and a controller can be used normally for more than 20 million times, durable.
    Energy saving
    Use water pressure of their own, using the principle of differential pressure control switch, without the use of any power supply, so that energy saving, environmental protection and safety.
    Simple maintenance
    Product design science, the structure is simple, easy to disassemble disassembly cleaning maintenance.
    US Outlook
    Complete product design is exquisite, the use of interior wall-mounted, high-grade texture, no health corners, overall space complement each other.
    Use of premises
    Hospitals, schools, office buildings, railway stations, docks, highway service areas, entertainment venues, factories and other public places health.


    typeRobinet à pied
    Format1/2 pouce
    Diamètre (entrée- sortie eau)21mm
    Poids430 gr
    Longueur totale23,5 cm
    Hauteur (sol - pied actionneur)5,5cm
    Longueur partie pied12,5cm
    Nb de trous fixation sol2
    Accessoires fournisvis de fixation au sol
     rouleau teflon

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