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The Renovator large capacity adapts to lead acid battery is planned to simultaneously renovate 1x48v or 4x 12V batteries in series - for 48v 10Ah capacity between and 1500Ah

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  • REGBAT 2x12V - côté gauche

    REGBAT Pro 48v adopts the advanced electric pulse regeneration to revitalize the "tired"48v batteries. The electrical pulse is sent to the resonance frequency of the sulfate lead, make it vibrate and drop into the thin particles, and then, the sulfate dissolves in the acid.

    The regeneration process involves sending micro-pulse high power (up to 25A) with a maximum cell voltage of 2.6 v. This action will reduce the internal resistance of the battery and bring back it to normal, allowing the battery to be charged normally in the future. Full capacity of the battery will be reached after a few charge and discharge cycles.

    The recommended regeneration process takes place as the following:

    Duration: 24 Hours (maintenance of regeneration)

    Duration: 72 Hours (reconditioningofregeneration)

    This powerful regenerator is suitable for the treatment of lead batteries (Stationary, Marine, Truck, Auto (start), Small Lift Truck). It has been planned to renovate the 48V-batteries ofwhich capacity is between 10Ah and 1500Ah 

    Usage du régénérateur batterie REGBAT 2x12V

    Advantage of the REGBAT Pro :

    * Restores original capacity of sulphate batteries.

    * The lifespan of the battery is significantly lengthened, and can even be doubled (by performing a regular maintenance of regeneration)

     * Longer battery use between two charges.

    * Shortened charging time (low internal resistance) and less charge cycles (full charge for each refill).

    *Significant decrease of lead waste and recycling the cost of dead batteries.

    * The self-refund investment in a few months.

    Caractéristique techniques du régénérateur de batterie



    1- Connect the cables to the battery (red to "+", black "-"),

    2 Activate the power button after normal display on the unit,

    3- Press the refresh button,

    4- Then press the power button to treat (High for the batteries of which capacity is 100-500Ah and Low for the small one of whichcapacityis 10-100Ah)

    The regeneration time is about 20 hours. It depends on the degree of sulphate of the battery.

    * To reduce the regeneration time, it is better to charge the battery of which capacity > 100Ah properly before starting the regeneration process.

    recautions of Usage:

    1 - REGBAT 48v Pro has been made for only the 48v-batteries (or 2x 24v batteries or 4x 12v batteries) of which capacity is higher than10Ah.
    2 - So you need to protect it against moisture and keep in a well-ventilated place.
    3 - Keep the battery far from any flame or sparks during charging, since the battery can generate flammable gas (hydrogen + oxygen) during charging (especially after charging). After charging the battery, turn off the regenerator, then disconnect the Crocodile Clips to avoid any sparks.


    Précautions d'emploi :

    1 - REGBAT Pro est destiné uniquement pour les batteries 48v de capacité supérieure à 10Ah
    2 - Vous devez donc le protéger contre l'humidité, et le stocker dans un lieu bien aéré.
    3 - Garder bien éloignées toute flamme ou étincelles de la batterie durant la charge, car la Batterie va générer un gaz inflammable  (hydrogène + oxygène) durant la charge (surtout en fin de charge). Après avoir chargé la batterie, éteignez d'abord le régénerateur, puis débrancher les Pinces Crocodile afin d'éviter toute étincelle.

    Operating manual on this link

    More pictures on this link


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