Antitheft U INOX 304L Trailer


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Antitheft U INOX 304L Trailer, Choose the model, depending on the brand of your trailer hook.

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  • Antitheft U INOX 304L Trailer

    By default – We will ship the suitable model for the hitch WINTERHOFF (very common)

    Advantages of the Antitheft U INOX 304L:

    - Efficient and quick to install

    - Space saving (fits in your pocket)

    - Key almost inviolable -. Provides security against accidental unhooking

    Choose the right model for your coupler head:

    - Winterhoff
    - Al-Ko. (750kgs) max
    - Knott (750-800Kgs) max
    - Goett
    - SPP

    - Albe

    - And others...

    If you do not specify your choice, we will ship you by default a suitable model of Winterhoff hook (very common).

    Antitheft have been designed for unbraked fasteners up to 750 and 800kgs of PTC except for specific models.

    List of adapted Trailer Hook- with Photos (click)

    To Make the Right Choice:

    It is not the brand / model or trailer that counts, but only the mark of the coupler head.

    How to know the brand of the coupler head:

    Just read the brand on the trailer hook (coupler head), generally engraved on it.

    You can have different brands of trailers or caravans but with the same type of trailer hook.

    Some very old hooks may not be compatible - if you are unsure please send me an email.

    If you still do not (the trailer but the trailer hitch) know, send me a photo of your coupler head to but before this check out the list below.

    - After your purchase, please indicate type of hook to be used in the comment at the time of the payment.

    For more information contact me by email at

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